Profile Builder 3 is Out!

That’s right, version 3 is here!  We’ve managed to add close to 40 new features and enhancements including:

  • Span Assembly parts for creating incredible assemblies!
  • Hole Tool for creating parametric holes and openings!
  • Auto-assemble feature creates instant assemblies with one click!
  • Set the height of an assembly
  • Path Mode
  • Build along Multiple Paths
  • Smarter Profiles and Paths
  • Live Profile Editing
  • Build Discontinuous

Even with all of the new features, we think that you’ll find PB3 to be the easiest to use version yet!

If you missed our Facebook Page countdown, you can check out videos of the top 10 new features right here.

If you purchased version 2, make sure to check your inbox for a discount coupon for upgrading to version 3!  You can also purchase a discounted upgrade from your original reseller.

More questions?  I thought so!  Check out our FAQ for more info.

Profile Builder 2.1 Released! Free Upgrade for 2.0 Customers!

Version 2.1 is out and it is much more than just a simple update!  Quantifier 2.1 has been super-charged to give you the tools you need to get detailed and accurate information from your model including professional cost estimating tools!  Read about the new features here or watch the video below.

The new license system in 2.1 now allows volume licensing if purchased from the Profile Builder website!

New video tutorials for Quantifier 2.1 are now online!

For Extension Warehouse Licensed Users: Upgrading to 2.1 is FREE!  Please upgrade to 2.1 by logging into the Extension Warehouse and going to MyExtensions