2×6 Exterior Wall Assembly

It’s about time I created a proper exterior wall assembly complete with corner treatment. This assembly was not possible to create using version 2 but with version 3, you can create almost anything!

Oh…and you can easily change the height of the wall with the new PB3 assembly height field!

I did not include air / vapor barriers, cladding, or drywall but these are relatively easy to add. Is anyone up to the challenge?

Download from 3D Warehouse

Elegant Railing Assembly

This is one of several great assemblies recently shared by Pippa C. The assembly includes a 2×4 chamfered timber top rail, 1″ metal rod for mid bars, posts with timber accents and bolts.

It is so easy to share an assembly on the 3D Warehouse.  Just build an assembly in SketchUp, make it a component, and then right-click 3D Warehouse->Share Component.  To help other PB2 users find it, be sure to tag the model with the words ‘profile builder’ and ‘assembly’.

Download from 3D Warehouse