Profile Builder is a fast and flexible set of parametric modeling tools for SketchUp.  It has become an ESSENTIAL SketchUp extension for thousands of users world-wide. By using Profile Builder, you will be able to model faster than ever before. Not only that, your models will be SMARTER, and adaptable to design changes.

Parametric Profiles: Say Good-bye to Follow-Me!

The core of Profile Builder is the ability to create smart extrusions (we call these ‘Profile Members’) using parametric profiles. A profile can be any shape and can even be a polyline.

Create smart mouldings, framing, piping, railings, roofing, walls, and foundations – the possibilities are endless!

Create and Save Custom Profiles

Profiles can be saved to your local library complete with custom name, orientation (anchor point, offsets, rotation), dimensions, material and layer.  Create a new Profile simply by drawing a face in your model and adding it as a new Profile.  Once you save the profile, you can load it and then re-use it in future projects.

Parametric Assemblies – Combine Profiles and Components

Imagine modeling a complex railing, multi-layer wall, fence, stud-wall, staircase, or road in seconds!  The Profile Builder Assembler lets you create and save fully customizable parametric smart assemblies.  You will be absolutely amazed with what you can do with Assemblies in Profile Builder!

Don’t want to make your own assemblies?  No problem!  Just download one of the many pre-made assemblies from the 3D Warehouse and customize it to make it your own!

Create Assemblies with One Click

With the ‘Auto-assemble’ feature, it is simple to create a multitude of different assemblies at the touch of a button.  Just create the parts of your assembly, select them, and click ‘Auto-assemble’!

Parametric Holes and Openings

Cut through nested groups and components with ease with the powerful hole tool.  Profile Members remember the properties of their holes so you can modify the object and the holes will be re-generated in the proper location.

Build a Profile Along Any Path – Profiles Stay the Correct Orientation

One of the biggest complaints about the SketchUp Follow Me tool is how the profile orientation tends to rotate along complex paths.  Profile Builder can handle any path you throw at it and will always maintain the expected orientation of the Profile.

Revolve a Profile

You can also revolve a Profile in one click to create a parametric 3D revolved Profile Member.  These types of objects are normally time-consuming to create in SketchUp but Profile Builder can do it in seconds!  Learn More

Smart-Path Selection

The Smart-Path Select tool is useful for quickly selecting a specific path of edges among other complex geometry.

Post-Editing Tools

When we say Profile Builder is parametric, we mean it! Any smart Profile Member or Assembly created with Profile Builder can be edited after creation by adjusting intelligent parameters. Change the profile, material, height, width, orientation, and even the extrusion path after creation.  Use the Extend Tool to adjust the length of the Profile Member and use the built-in Trimming Tools to apply the finishing touches.

 In a recent survey of our customers, 42%  said that they use Profile Builder in over 90% of their SketchUp projects and 74% said that they use it in OVER HALF of their SketchUp projects.

In the same survey, over 25% said that Profile Builder could save them over 100 hours of work per year!  And 47% said that it could save them over 50 hours per year!

 What is your time worth?  Would you pay $79 to save 50 hours of work?  What about 100 hours?

Profile Builder has become one of the most popular SketchUp extensions around the world because it can increase your productivity in so many ways.

We guarantee you WILL save time and model faster than ever before with Profile Builder.  Order a 30 day free trial now and…prepare for lightspeed!

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