Official Training Course

The official training course is the best way to learn everything about Profile Builder.  It contains over 2 hours of in-depth easy-to-follow content across multiple videos and written articles.  Here is a sample video from the course.  To access the entire course, click the button below the video.

Note that most of the course was created using Profile Builder version 3 but nearly all of the content is still applicable to version 4.

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Tutorials Archive

This area contains older tutorials that you may still find useful.  However, if you are new to Profile Builder, we recommend that you start with the newer videos from the Video Training Course above.

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User Guides, FAQs, Community Support and More…

Our Help Desk is a searchable archive of tutorials, FAQs, and helpful information for all of our products, including Profile Builder. If you have a question about Profile Builder, this is the place to go.

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