Profile Members

Advanced Assemblies

  • Spans are an incredibly powerful feature and can be used to create highly detailed complex assemblies. There are three kinds of span parts: Profile Member spans, Component spans, and Sub-Assembly spans.

    The span types have some common attributes but they also have some attributes that only apply to a specific type of span.

    All spans are anchored by a 'Support' component part. The span parts will connect between two adjacent component parts.

Path Mode

  • Path Mode lets you convert a 3D Profile Member to a simplified representation. While in Path Mode, only the internal path lines are drawn as well as a face that represents the profile of the object.

    In Path Mode, all of the Profile Member attributes are maintained even though the visual display is different.

    The biggest advantage of using Path Mode is that it allows you to easily inference to the Path of the Profile Member which makes editing operations easier, quicker, and more accurate.

Assign Mark Numbers (Batch Rename)