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What's New in Profile Builder 2.1

New Features

  • Major updates and new features for quantiifer, estimating, and reporting features
  • Added new report types (Component Report, Cost Detail Report, Cost Summary Report, and Profile Report)
  • Added the ability to rebuild multiple profile members in one operation
  • Spaces and double quotes can now be used inside profile names
  • Added the option to reverse an assembly using the right-click context menu
  • New hybrid licensing system and support for volume licensing.

Workflow Changes / Changes to Previous Features

  • Replaced Show Missing$ with the new Cost Inspector Tool. Open the Quantifier and then activate the tool by clicking the price tag icon.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the quantifier underestimated the length of a profile member that was trimmed to a plane.
  • Fixed an issue where the layout / spacing of a component inside an assembly was not correct when the path was closed.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred for a component inside an assembly when the component had a rotation applied but was also set to stay vertical.
  • Fixed an issue on OSX that occurred when a profile was saved with a double quotation mark in the name. This would then prevent the Profile Builder dialog from opening.
  • Fixed several bugs that were caused by single or double quotes in user input.
  • Volume of Polyline Profile Member (1D) is no longer calculated and is undefined.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in a loss of precision for the profile width and height that occurred when changing width and height settings of a profile
  • Fixed an issue in the Assembler dialog where it would sometimes show an incorrect value for numeric index of profile or component.
  • Changed the way the Area of an object is calculated. Now, slab-type objects (floors, walls) should report the correct area even if they have a variable thickness or have cut openings.
  • Fixed a bug where, after trimming a profile member, it would lose its previous layer setting.
  • Fixed an issue where, if new settings are applied to an existing assembly, and then the path is modified, the assembly would revert back to the original assembly settings used to create it.
  • Fixed a bug where, if a member was shortened using the extend tool, the tool was not 100% accurate and would result in a length to be a fraction of an inch different than expected.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred if the user would delete the first indexed profile or component in an assembly, the index will be incorrectly set to zero.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when the components within an assembly were located only at junctions. These components would not get properly saved when the Assembly was saved.
  • Fixed a bug where length inputs would not be parsed correctly if there was whitespace included.