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What's New in Profile Builder 2

New Features

  • Added ability to set the width and height of a Profile
  • Added ability to set the Layer and Material associated with a Profile. Auto-UV mapping will be applied if material has a texture.
  • Added Profile Browser (note: Profiles are now stored as SKP files, PLB files are no longer used but can be imported and converted to SKP files)
  • 1 Dimensional polyline Profiles are now supported. Select a Polyline prior to creating a profile to create a 1D Profile
  • New Extend Tool
  • New Trim Profile Member to Solid Tool
  • New Trim Profile Member to Face Tool
  • New Smart-Path Select Tool
  • New Revolve Profile Tool - revolve a profile 360 degrees around any axis
  • New Stamp Profile Tool - place a profile in your model as a component
  • New Quantifier Tool - Instant quantity reporting of selected entities
  • New HTML reports using jquery DataTables plugin
  • New cost estimating features (assign quantities and costs associated with layers and materials)
  • Show objects with missing cost data
  • New Assembler Tool - create, save, and build parametric assemblies comprised of Profile Members and Components
  • Profile Members are now allowed to be converted to components and they will still be recognized as Profile Members
  • Profile Members can now have their direction reversed using the right-click context menu
  • PMPI now works for Profile Members nested inside other groups or components
  • Added ability to copy of a Profile - click the ‘Add Profile’ button with nothing selected
  • You can now select an existing Profile Member prior to using the ‘Build Along Path’ tool. The path of the selected Profile Member will be used to define the path for the new Profile Member.
  • V:H ratios can be used for Profile rotation input (eg: 1:12)
  • New UI

Workflow Changes / Changes to Previous Features

  • PLB files are no longer used. Each profile is stored as a unique SKP file (which can of course be edited)
  • Use right-click, Enter key, or ESC to complete a Profile Member when building
  • Edit Path of Profile Member is moved to PB2 toolbar.
  • To Edit the path of a Profile Member (or Assembly), first double-click the Member, then click the toolbar button
  • Use arrow keys to lock axis when using build tools
  • Use Home & End to cycle placement point and rotation when using build tool
  • Use Backspace key to undo the previously selected path point when using the build tool
  • Removed Smooth angle setting (now always set at 30 degrees).

Bug Fixes

  • Closed paths now always result in closed Profile Members
  • Follow-me API no longer used to create Profile Members
  • Profile Members will now orient correctly along twisting or helical paths
  • When using the build tool, the preview orientation is now always correct
  • Much faster building of Profile Members.