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Trim Profile Member to Solid

Launch the Tool

This tools requires SketchUp Pro because it uses the Solid Tools API features that are only available inside SketchUp Pro.

Ensure that Profile Members are Solids

The Profile Member must be a solid. Any Profile Member created from a 2D face (not a polyline) will automatically be a solid. However, it is highly recommended to use the Solid Inspector SketchUp extension (by ThomThom) to check for solid objects and to help fix any non-solid objects. This extension is available on the SketchUp Extension Warehouse.

Select a Solid Object to trim to

The object does NOT have to be Profile Member but it must be a solid.

As you hover the mouse, the object wil highlight to indicate that is a valid solid.

Click the end of a Profile Member to Trim

As you hover the mouse over a Profile Member, it will become highlighted indicating that it is a valid solid.

Click on the end of a Profile Member to select it.

Continue clicking other Profile Members ends for trimming if desired.

Press ESC to reset the tool.

Congratulations! You just trimmed a Profile Member to a solid!