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Reporting Tips

Improving Accuracy

Tips to improve accuracy of reports:

  • Use Profile Members for as much of your modeling as possible
  • For 'slab' or 'panel' type elements (such as a concrete slab or sheathing) where you intend to calculate the projected area, it is best to model these as solid objects. You can model them as Profile Members as well except that if you cut openings in the object, the loss of area from the opening will not be considered in the area calculation.
  • Avoid using the scale tool to modify the dimensions of an Object.
  • Use the tools within Profile Builder to modify Profile Members rather than the native SketchUp tools.
  • Ensure that your faces are oriented correctly and consistently.

Other Tips

  • Create a SketchUp template that contains all of your standard layers and materials with all of your cost data already entered so that you don't need to re-create this information for each new Project.
  • Set up layer visibility scenes in your model to make it easier to create reports that are specific to a certain group of layers (eg. Foundation, Framing, Exterior, etc.)