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License Manager

Hybrid Licensing System

The hybrid licensing system allows licenses from the SketchUp Extension Warehouse or from MindSight Studios Inc. Each license provider has specific advantages and disadvantages. The license agreement for both providers are nearly identical.

Extension Warehouse Licenses

The SketchUp Extension Warehouse (EW) supports both Trial and Single User Commercial licenses.

The advantages of an Extension Warehouse license are:

  • The EW can be used to manage licenses, download updates, and receive update notifications.
  • EW can be used to automatically install your Extensions on a new machine or when you upgrade SketchUp.

The disadvantages of an Extension Warehouse license are:

  • A separate license must be purchased for each user
  • Trial version must be un-installed prior to installing a licensed version.

MindSight Studios Licenses

MindSight Studios supports more license types than the Extension Warehouse.

The advantages of a MindSight Studios license are:

  • Multiple licenses can be provided under one account (Volume licensing) - discounts may be offerred based on the number of licenses purchased
  • Licenses can be activated without having to un-install and re-install the Extension
  • Support for more license types (planned in future)

The disadvantages of a MindSight Studios license are:

  • Update notifications and instructions will be sent via email
  • Updates must be downloaded and installed manually by the user and can not be managed by the Extension Warehouse

Activating a MindSight Studios License

MindSight Studios Licenses can be obtained from the ProfileBuilder website

Once you have ordered a license, you will receive a license key. Simply enter your email address and the license key to activate the license. Please use copy / paste (CTRL+C and CTRL+V) to enter the key. If the key is not accepted, please try again.

If you are unable to activate your license, please contact customer support.

Removing a MindSight Studios Trial License

If you would like to remove your Trial license, you can do so by clicking the 'Remove Trial License..' button. This step is not necessary but you may wish to do this if you have purchased a license from the Extension Warehouse and the license status still shows as 'Trial'