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Creating Reports

Component Report

A component report is a completely customizable report that lists the details of all of the selected Objects (groups, component, or profile member). If nothing is selected, all visible Objects in your model will be included in the report.

  1. Choose 'Component Report ' from the drop-down list.
  2. Click the 'Create Report' button.

Viewing the Report

  1. Sort columns by clicking the column heading. To sort by multiple columns, hold SHIFT when clicking additional columns.
  2. Search for a set of Objects using the Search field.
  3. Click the 'Copy' button to copy the filtered table rows to the clipboard. The header will not be included Once copied, the rows can be pasted into another application such as Excel.
  4. Click the 'Print' button to export the filtered table rows in a separate window and invoke the browser Print command.
  5. Click the 'CSV' button to export the entire table to a CSV file that may opened directly by Excel. Filters and column sorting are ignored.

Customizing Reports

Custom Report templates can be created for Component Reports only.

  1. Add or delete a Component Report template by clicking either the plus or trash button.
  2. Choose the report fields to be included.
  3. Check 'Combine Groups' to combine SketchUp groups with equal quantities into one line in the report. For example, if Profile Builder finds two identical 2x4 groups, they will be reported on one line with a 'count' of 2.

Note: Columns in Component Reports only may be re-ordered by clicking and dragging the column header. The order of the columns will persist until the selected fields are modified using the Report Setup Dialog. Columns for the other report types can not be re-ordered.


Other Report Settings

The other report settings are applied to ALL report types regardless of the selected template.

  1. Input custom currency settings to display currency in a variety of international formats.
  2. Select the quantity precision (number of decimal places to display in reports)

Cost Detail Report

Cost Detail Reports can be used to create a complete detailed cost estimate of your project.

Each line in the cost detail report comes from a matching cost data line that must be input by using either the Layer$, Material$, Object$ or Model$ dialogs.

Cost Summary Report

Cost Summary Reports can be used to create a summary of the total costs for each cost code.

Profile Report

Profile Reports are useful to create a summary of all Profile Member quantities in your model.

Changing Units

The type of units used in the reports (eg. metric or imperial) is inherited from the SketchUp Model Info Setting. If the Length Units is set to an Imperial Unit (eg. inches), then Imperial units will be used for the Quantifier and for reports. Similarly, if the Length Units is set to a Metric Unit (eg. meters), then Metric units will be used for the Quantifier and for reports.