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Creating Assemblies

Draw the Parts that will make up the Assembly

Draw a series of Profile Members and other Components that you wish to use for the assembly. In this example, we will make a railing composed of rails, posts and spindles.

Open the PB Assembler

Create a New Assembly

Click the 'New Assembly' button to create a new Assembly

Give the Assembly a Name and Description

Add a Profile Member to the Assembly

1. Click the Profile Member Tab.
2. Click the 'Add Profile Member' button.
3. Click the 'Pick from Model' button.
4. Click a Profile Member in your model to add it to the assembly.

Be sure to give the part a meaningful name.

Edit the Profile Member part

1. Set the Elevation to 3 feet.
2. Edit the Profile Attributes if required.
3. Click 'OK' when finished editing

Add the Bottom Rail Part

Repeat the previous steps to add the Bottom Rail.
Set the elevation of the bottom rail at 4"

Add a Component to the Assembly

1. Click on the 'Component' tab.
2. Click the 'Add Component' button.
3. Click the 'Pick from Model' button.
4. Click on a component in your model.

Be sure to give the component part a meaningful name.

Edit the Component Part

Change the spacing to 6'. Leave the other settings as is.

Add the Metal Spindle Part

1. Click the 'Add Component' button.
2. Click the 'Pick from Model...' button.
3. Click the Metal Spindle Component.
4. Change the spacing to 4 inches.
5. Change the elevation to 4 inches.

Edit the Axis of the Component

It will usually be necessary to edit the axis of the Component so that it is positioned correctly. To edit the axis of a component, right-click on the component in the SketchUp model and choose 'Change Axes' from the context menu.

The component will be positioned on the Assembly path as follows:

  • The red axis will point in the direction of the path of the assembly (forward)
  • The blue axis will point 'up'
  • The green axis will point 'left' from the perspective of someone looking in the direction of the path.

Congratulations! You just created an Assembly!

Now that you have created an assembly, you can save it, build it, or share it on the 3D Warehouse!