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Cost Inspector Tool

Examine and Check Cost Data

Click the 'Cost Inspector' icon to open the Cost Inspector window. When the Cost Inspector is activated:

  • The display style will automatically change to 'Color by Layer'. This display mode makes it easier to see the layer (and cost data) that the object is associated with. If the Layer is set to Layer0, the layer might be determined by the parent object. You can disable this mode using the SketchUp Layers panel.
  • Objects that do not have cost data associated with them will be highlighted in red.
  • Objects with valid cost data will be highlighted in green.


Select Objects

  1. Select an Object in your model..
  2. The Cost Inspector Window will update to show the cost information.

The Cost Inspector only displays cost information for the Object itself and does not include cost information for child Objects.

You can right-click and select 'Edit Group/Component' or 'Close Group/Component' to examine child objects.