Launching the Build Tool

Open the Profile Builder Dialog.
Then, click the Build Tool.

Click Points to Build a Profile Member

1. Click a point in the model to define the start point of the member.
2. Continue clicking points to define the path of the member.

Complete the Profile Member

Complete the member by:
1. Pressing ESC, ENTER, or RETURN
2. Right-click and choose 'Finish' (shown above)
3. Creating a closed path for the member.

Congratulations! You just built a Profile Member!

Modifier Keys

Arrows Keys = Lock Axis
SHIFT = Lock Inference
CTRL / OPTION = Profile Member path Inferecing (PMPI)
HOME = Cycle Placement point
END = Cycle Rotation in 45 degree increments
BACKSPACE = Undo the last path point

You can also enter values in the Measurements box to draw precisely