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Build Along Path

Select a Path

First, select a path.
You can select a series of edges using SketchUp's Select Tool
You can use the Profile Builder Smart-Path select tool to select the path AND control the direction of the path.

Launch the Tool

1. Open the Profile Builder Dialog.
2. Click the 'Build Along Path' icon.

Congratulations! You just built a Profile Member along a Path!

The currently selected Profile will be extruded along the selected path.
Remember to use the Smart-Path select tool if you need to control the direction of the path.

Build Along Multiple Edges

Select a series of edges that do not form a continuous path before launching the tool.

When you launch the tool, you will be asked whether you wish to create a unique Profile Member along each edge.

Click 'Yes' to Create the Profile Members

Click 'Yes' to create multiple members along each edge or "No' to cancel the tool operation.