Q: I purchased Profile Builder 2.  Can I get a discount for purchasing Profile Builder 3?

A: Yes!  If you purchased PB2 from this website OR the Extension Warehouse, we will send you a coupon during the week of July 16, 2018 to get a discount for upgrading to version 3!  If you purchased from a reseller, please contact your reseller to request an upgrade discount.

Q: Help!  I lost my license key!

A: Click HERE to have your key resent.

Q: Does Profile Builder 3 work with SketchUp 2018?

A: Yes!  It works with SU2016 or newer (Make or Pro)

Q: Is the Quantifier tool in Profile Builder 3?

A: The quantifier tool is now a separate extension called ‘Quantifier Pro’ available here.  It is no longer part of Profile Builder.  However, it has been optimized to work best with objects that were created with Profile Builder. You can purchase Profile Builder and Quantifier Pro at a discount if you purchase the BIM Bundle.

Q: Can I use the PB2 Quantifier Tool with Profile Builder 3?

A: Yes and no.  PB2 will not recognize objects that were created with version 3 as Profile Members so the PB2 quantifier tool will treat PB3 objects as normal SketchUp groups and components.  It can still report quantities and costs for PB3 objects but the accuracy will not be as good as the Quantifier Pro plugin since PB2 will not be able to determine the length of the object based on the path that was used to create it.  Quantifier Pro is a big upgrade from the PB2 quantifier tool and it will only continue to get better.  We highly recommend you check it out!

Q: Can I use Profiles and Assemblies that were created with PB2 in Profile Builder 3?

A: Yes! PB3 is fully compatible with version 2 and can load all profiles and assemblies that were created in v2.  You can even have version 2 and version 3 installed at the same time!  (However, PB2 is not compatible with version 3 and cannot load profiles and assemblies that were created in v3)

Q: I ordered a license through your store.  Where do I download the plugin?

A: After you order you should immediately receive an email from MindSight Studios Inc. that contains a green button to view your purchase online.  Click this button to access the RBZ file and instructions for installing.

Q: I ordered a license through your store.  Where is my license key?

A: You should have received an automated email from MindSight Sales with your license information which includes your key.  Please allow up to 45 minutes to receive this email. If you can’t find it, please check your junk / spam folders.

Q: I ordered a license through your store.  How many times can I activate it?

A: Installation and activation on both a personal computer and laptop are permitted under one license. By purchasing multiple license quantities, additional users can install and activate a license under the same account.  For more information, please see the EULA.

Q: Is the license a subscription or is it permanent?

A: All paid licenses for Profile Builder are permanent and do not expire.

Q: Help!  Nothing works!

A: Please re-install the plugin.  First manually delete the plugin by going here: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\SketchUp\Plugins

Next, delete the file DM_ProfileBuilder3.rb and the folder DM_ProfileBuilder3.  Then, try re-installing the RBZ file.  You will also need to restart SketchUp after installing the RBZ.

Q: After activating my license I got a message: “Error creating license file.”

A: Please ensure you don’t have an old license file interfering with the activation. For steps to remove an old license file click HERE. After removing the old license file try activating again.

Version 2 FAQ

Q: I tried to update Profile Builder 2 using the SketchUp Extension Manager and it said ‘Failed to update Profile Builder 2. Unable to read extension archive.’  What should I do?

A:  If your PB2 license is from the Extension Warehouse, make sure you are signed into SketchUp using the same Extension Warehouse account that you used to purchase.  If your PB2 license is from MindSight Studios Inc., you can not use the Extension Manager to install updates.  You must download and install updates manually from here.  Restart SketchUp after updating.

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