Live Online Training now Available!

We know that learning new software can be a challenge and takes valuable time.  That’s why we are now offering live online training for Profile Builder!

In response to requests from several customers, we are now offering a one-on-one live training session via Skype or Google Hangout.  This is a great way to learn the cost estimating and reporting features of Profile Builder in a very short time.  We can even help you build your own custom parametric assemblies!

Get on the right track and let us help you integrate Profile Builder into your SketchUp workflow so you can start benefiting from the power of Profile Builder immediately!

To order a training session, see our Learning Page.

Profile Builder 2.1 Released! Free Upgrade for 2.0 Customers!

Version 2.1 is out and it is much more than just a simple update!  Quantifier 2.1 has been super-charged to give you the tools you need to get detailed and accurate information from your model including professional cost estimating tools!  Read about the new features here or watch the video below.

The new license system in 2.1 now allows volume licensing if purchased from the Profile Builder website!

New video tutorials for Quantifier 2.1 are now online!

For Extension Warehouse Licensed Users: Upgrading to 2.1 is FREE!  Please upgrade to 2.1 by logging into the Extension Warehouse and going to MyExtensions

Elegant Railing Assembly

This is one of several great assemblies recently shared by Pippa C. The assembly includes a 2×4 chamfered timber top rail, 1″ metal rod for mid bars, posts with timber accents and bolts.

It is so easy to share an assembly on the 3D Warehouse.  Just build an assembly in SketchUp, make it a component, and then right-click 3D Warehouse->Share Component.  To help other PB2 users find it, be sure to tag the model with the words ‘profile builder’ and ‘assembly’.

Download from 3D Warehouse